MBK 2015 Track Schedule  

January 31 (Saturday)
Open Practice
February 14 (Saturday)
February 15 (Sunday)
Syd White Enduro Prac&Qual
Syd White Enduro Race
March 14 (Saturday)
March 15 (Sunday)
Open Practice
Race 1 (Enduro Track (B) forward)
April 25 (Saturday)
April 26 (Sunday)
Open Practice
Race 2 (George Track C reverse)
May 9 (Saturday) Open Practice
June 20 (Saturday)
June 21 (Sunday)
Open Practice
Race 3 (George Track C forward)
July 11 (Saturday)
July 12 (Sunday)
Open Practice
Race 4 (Nigel Track D forward)
August 22 (Saturday)
August 23 (Sunday)
Open Practice
Gold Rush     (Enduro Track forward)
Club Race 5
September 19 (Saturday)
Open Practice
October 17 (Saturday)
October 18 (Sunday)
Open Practice
Race 6 (George Track "C" reverse)
November 7 (Saturday)
November 8 (Sunday)
Open Practice &Swap meet
Race 7 (Enduro Track forward)
[7 races Rain or Shine ]
[1 Throw-away with 1 Work day]
One  workday is REQUIRED to receive Championship points

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